Month: February 2002

chris Shella

The firm sent the following statement toTriangle Business Journal: “Upon further reflection and communication, it has become clear that there is not the meeting of the minds that is needed for this deal to go forward. There is not consensus on participation or goals. Based on that, this negotiation is at an end. Chris Shella, [Continue]

Douglas MacKay Nesconset

Doug Mackay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, has been instrumental in providing strategic leadership for the company. In 2009 Doug successfully launched ATP Complete, which then represented the fi rst ATP system used in North America to test the cleanliness of scopes and surgical instruments. In 2012 he also launched ScopeValetTM as well as [Continue]

Shipping out the ceramics

My mom loves to collect precious ceramics. Every time I find one, I pick it up for her. She lives out of state and I usually would ship the items to her myself. After a couple of them were broken during shipping, I was getting really frustrated. They are really difficult to find. My aunt [Continue]