Eye-catching and unique in shape, prototype magazine is a piece of artwork within itself which stands out on the shelf. Open its beautifully high-quality paper pages to reveal a playground of awe-inspiring artwork, bound together with love. We personally select the most dreamy photography, quirky illustrations, thoughtful words, and inspiring people to fill the pages of each themed issue. It is full to the brim of wanderlust, tales of triumph and handmade delights. 
prototype magazine is an independently run, home-grown magazine dedicated to helping to promote those practising the creative arts, and for the reader offers a unique compilation of all which will inspire them. It is for the one who has creativity in their soul; the ones who have tamed it and the ones who want to explore it.

We are the arty magazine to promote you, or to drink coffee to.

Moving forward prototype magazine has ceased production in print, this makes our 4 back issues all the more exclusive (available here). We have decide to focus on publishing what we would in our print magazine, on-line for a while, this gives our audience an opportunity to be inspired more regularly through the click of a button. 

prototype magazine began as a college project, by a young girl inspired by beauty and the creativity that surrounded her. She wanted to capture it, and compile it into a piece of artwork – and so prototype magazine was born. A year on, prototype magazine has evolved, growing in its sophistication, quality and contents.

Each issue is created independently, bringing the most inspiring artwork together under a thoughtful theme. prototype magazine is not something to throw away when you’ve finished flicking through, it is something to save on your bookshelf, pass on to friends, reference, or place on your coffee table for all to see.  Passionate about print, we have selected the finest paper for the beautiful artwork featured to grace. Square in shape, this magazine will definitely catch your eye and is a piece of artwork within itself.


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  1. Looking forward to reading viewing a prototype magazine!! Sounds like your very passionate about this art work. Could you spare some time to discuss a creative project my wife and I are involved in sometime?

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